Inflow of patients from the scorching heat

The wave of high temperatures that has hit the country in recent days has influenced that up to 200 citizens seek medical treatment in just one family medicine center in the capital during the day. Doctors asked the citizens to avoid going out during peak temperatures and to be careful with the food they consume. And the meteorologists warned about the drop in temperatures, starting from Monday

Temperatures up to 36 degrees Celsius that have prevailed in Kosovo in recent days have influenced the increase in the number of citizens who have sought medical help, as a result of health problems caused by the heat. 

In just one day, according to doctor Ardiana Jashari, at the Family Medicine Center number 5 in Prishtina, over 200 patients appear for medical treatment.

"Due to rising temperatures, various problems appear and the influx of patients begins. We have patients of different ages, from small children to the elderly, but the rise in temperature affects the elderly more, where various complaints appeared", said Jashari.

In listing the most frequent symptoms that appear in patients, Jashari calls on citizens to avoid going out during the peak of high temperatures.

"We have patients with various chronic diseases, such as a rise in temperature and worsening of symptoms. All these appear from carelessness of food. "Citizens should not be exposed to the sun at that time when it is at its peak, that is, that time from 10 to 5 in the afternoon, and citizens are usually advised to stay indoors," she said.

Lamir Thaçi, spokesperson of the Food and Veterinary Agency, asked the citizens to take special care with food to avoid the possibility of various diseases. He also gave instructions on the proper way to store food products.

"In the summer season, all products of animal origin, milk, its by-products and meat and meat by-products always require refrigerated storage conditions. If they are fresh, the temperatures should be up to four degrees, if they are frozen, they should be below minus eighteen degrees Celsius and they are always marked on the labels. Now each product is of a special category and has a specified storage temperature, and citizens should be careful", said Thaçi.

The high temperatures that were recorded during the week, according to the data of the Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute, are expected to decrease from Monday of next week, when rain showers can also be expected.