Matriculated students for copying

About 19 high school graduates from all municipalities took the state matura exam on Saturday. Even this time, from the first minutes of the exam, the questions and answers of the test have been distributed among the groups created for this purpose in social networks. And the results of the achievements in the test will be announced a week later

About 19 high school graduates from all municipalities of Kosovo took the state matura exam on Saturday for the knowledge they gained during their three years of high school education. 

Some of the approximately 100 graduates who took this test at the "Faik Konica" elementary school in Pristina said that they had enough time to prepare as they expressed expectation for good results. 

"I have prepared well, but there was still room for me to prepare. Anyway, I expect that it will come out with good results", said high school graduate Donat Kadriu.

The high school graduate Kron Hoxha expressed the same expectation.

"I have prepared well and I believe that I will get an average result", he said.

In order to make copying impossible, the graduates during the testing were distributed among different schools, they were divided into banks by only one student and no more than 15 graduates were allowed in the classes.

However, the students have shown that they have "graduated" for copying. Not even 1 minute has passed since the start of the exam, the content of the matura test together with the answers to the questions were distributed in groups that were created for this purpose in social networks.

Only in one of them on Viber, during the time of the test, more than 7 thousand members appeared.

Despite the distribution of the tests, the director of the "Meto Bajraktari" primary school, Kreshnike Ademi, said that no irregularities have been identified in this institution.

"The test is going well, the students have arrived on time, so have the monitors. The students have arrived on time, have been identified with their means of identification, with ID cards, have been arranged in classes and have now undergone the testing process. There are no irregularities, there are no cancellations", said Ademi.

The results of the test are expected to be known in a week. Those students who fail to successfully complete the June exam will have another deadline, on August 31. 

This year, on the e-Kosova platform, the Ministry of Education has launched the online submission of the State Matura Examination, with the aim of facilitating the work of graduates, schools, municipalities and the Ministry itself.