The radio obelisk that transmitted information from the bunker is inaugurated

On the 25th anniversary of the end of the broadcast of the "Free Kosova" Radio program, the obelisk of the bunker was inaugurated, where information about the war in Kosovo was broadcast for more than two months. However, the staff of this radio marked this jubilee divided and with separate manifestations

Sitting at the table inside the same bunker, but under completely different circumstances, the moderator of "Free Kosovo", Nusret Pllana, longingly repeats the verses "Free Kosovo speaks to you, free Kosovo speaks to you", with which he started and ended the "Free Kosova" Radio program. He remembers with emotion June 21, 99, when he ended the broadcasting of KLA radio programs in wartime conditions.

 At that time, in an improvised bunker, he held an automatic weapon on one side and a microphone on the other, and through radio frequencies, Pllana announced one of the most important news for Kosovo during the war.

"From this bunker we announced the best possible news when I said: today, June 21, 1999, we are ending the program of Radio "Free Kosovo" with the capitulation of fascist Serbia in Kosovo," he says.

With several antennas hidden among the bushes, from the top of Pallanik to the mountains of Berisha, information was spread throughout Kosovo about the war of the KLA, but also about the massacres that the Serbian army carried out on civilians.

"There have been many difficult events and every day there has been heavy news because in the unlikely event that our Serbian barbaric enemy, the Serbian fascist army and police, could face the Kosovo Liberation Army, they wreaked havoc on the civilian population every day," he adds.

The radio bunker was renovated and inaugurated with an obelisk, precisely on the 25th anniversary of the end of the information mission. Sadbere Berisha, who, although advanced in age, participated in the jubilee, made bread for three meals for the staff of 8 members of the Radio, for the 6 months that its programs lasted.

"We made bread for them very easily with full of desire, I just had fun, don't let them spoil it", she says.

However, the staff of Radio "Free Kosova" celebrated the anniversary separately. Although most of them were at the top of Pallanik at the bunker, colleagues of the director of the Radio, Ahmet Qeriqi, marked this day two kilometers further, in the museum house of the village of Berishë, but without his presence due to the condition of good health. In the demonstration, the participants threw accusations at five staff members, for whom they said that without warning they decided to move the tools and equipment of the house museum to Pristina, to the Museum of Kosovo. 

Arbane Qeriqi-Gashi, the current editor-in-chief of Radio "Free Kosova" and the daughter of Ahmet Qeriqi, excitedly described the actions of some of the staff as ugly. 

"To those who asked the Museum of Kosovo to take the war equipment and equipment here and put them in their own premises, I tell you here they are, all the equipment of the museum and here they will be, because history is written here in blood ", she said.

The same criticism was made by the former KLA commander of that area, Sadik Halitjaha. Halitjaha left the blame for the disintegration of the RKL team to the current Government. 

"Those who think that history can be alienated is too late for them. They can alienate themselves and be in anti-history. Recently, it seems to me that this Government has extended the hand of division. This is bad for us," he said.  

Radio "Free Kosova" started broadcasting on January 4, 1999, with the decision of the General Staff of the KLA. Meanwhile, from April 8 to June 21, he broadcasted from the bunker in Pallanik. At the same time when the radio was founded, the news agency Kosovapress also started its work.