Shala: It is absurd that Kurti did not mention the former leaders of the KLA, thanks to them he is prime minister

Ferat Shala

The deputy of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Ferat Shala, said that on the anniversaries of the liberation, the members of the Kosovo Liberation Army who are being tried in The Hague should be remembered and mentioned. He emphasized that at the central ceremony marking the 25th anniversary on Wednesday, a disturbing message was given.

Shala added that it was unethical for Prime Minister Albin Kurti not to mention the former leaders of the KLA who are in The Hague.

"Today I heard the American ambassador, he said 'I feel proud of the 25th anniversary of the post-war'. If the US is proud of our war, our achievements, who is the political leader who should not be proud or represents another narrative that contradicts this concept. The prime minister must feel proud and accept it publicly, he must overcome himself and his personal whims, the prime minister must know that without the blood of the martyrs and without the struggle of the KLA, he would not be the prime minister. It is unethical that on Liberation Day he does not find the strength to overcome himself and mention the leaders who proclaimed the state, who brought freedom, who enabled him to be the prime minister in some form", he said. he.

Shala emphasized that the current leaders of the state have remained in what he called an intellectually and politically limited form.

"I could not believe that 25 years after liberation, our country remains with the mentality of before 30 years of personal political differences and jealousies, purely political egos. We have to change because it is also reflected in the international scene".

The absence of senior Western state figures at the 25th anniversary of Liberation Day ceremony, Shala said, sent a disturbing message. According to him, it is necessary to return to the close partnership with the USA and other allies.

"Today we did not see state leaders, we saw European political leaders, we did not see presidents of the USA, Britain, Germany or France. We saw generations of political veterans, but this was also a disturbing message. Today was a disturbing message", said Shala.