Peci: The vice president was dismissed because she made decisions on my behalf

The mayor of the municipality of Zveçan, Ilir Peci, has declared about the dismissal of the deputy mayor of this municipality, Natasha Tomaniq, on Thursday. 

In a direct link to the show "60 Minutes" on KTV, Peci said that Tomanić's dismissal happened due to the passing of her powers with some actions.

According to him, the already dismissed vice-president of this municipality has exerted constant pressure on the Serbian officials who are employees of the municipality, who then warned of resignation in case of her stay in this position. 

"The reasoning was that Mrs. Natasha has exceeded all her powers with several actions, such as there were daily meetings and he was at work very little, he made some decisions by being called in the name of the mayor of the municipality. I have given him several warnings, both in writing and verbally, but he has never been banned. The main reason was when he put constant pressure on the Serbian officials who are in the municipality of Zveçan. Due to its constant pressure, three Serbian officials have resigned. Serbian workers have asked me to remove her, otherwise they will all resign", he said. 

He further mentioned a case in which, according to him, Tomaniqi exceeded her powers as vice president. 

"Yesterday she came into contact with an Italian company to rent out a bar in Zveçan, she had been in contact with them for two months and according to her everything was finished in the agreement with them, yesterday the document came to my desk only to be signed and entered into the protocol. I didn't examine it at the time it came as a done deal on the table", said Peci.