The deputy mayor of Zveçan, Natasha Tomanić, is dismissed

Municipality of Zvecan

The Mayor of Zveçan has today dismissed the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality, Natasha Tomaniq.

The decision to dismiss Tomanić was taken today at the meeting of the Municipal Assembly of Zveçan, which was held at 10:00.

There was a vote for the dismissal of the vice president, where 17 votes were in favor of the dismissal, none against and no abstentions.

The dismissal of the vice-president has been confirmed for TIME by the mayor of Zveçan, Ilir Peci.

He said that the decision was taken today in the session of the Municipal Assembly where 17 assembly members voted in favor of the dismissal of the vice president.

According to him, the vice president has exceeded her powers at work several times.

In addition, he has put constant pressure on Serbian officials in the municipality of Zveçan, as a result of which three Serbian officials have resigned in recent days.