KOMF warns the institutions about the closure of social services


Photo: Alban Bujari

With the message "Services for children are closing", the Coalition of NGOs for the Protection of Children - KOMF, has asked the country's institutions and municipalities to take measures regarding social services, since the latter, due to the lack of institutional support, are are in danger of being closed.

The director of the KOMF, Donjeta Kelmendi, has asked the state institutions to draw up a plan to solve this emergency situation and draw up temporary measures for the functionalization of social services within the package for economic revival.

"Municipalities should take immediate measures to fulfill their legal obligations in order to provide funding in this emergency situation for providers of social services for children and families in need... We ask that the government create a temporary measure for the functionalization of services social within the package for economic revival. Our call today also goes to the Assembly and the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo. KOMF requests that in the revisions of the budget this year, the voice of the deputies in the Assembly should be heard to allocate an additional budget for social protection and for social services for the protection of children", said Kelmendi.

For the KOMF coalition, the fact that social services for children are heading towards closure is unacceptable and Kelmendi has called that this should be a state emergency for institutions in the country.

"We are gathered here today and we are together with the parents of the children, beneficiaries of social services, providers of social services and our partners, to convey the message that social services for children are closing and this should be an alarm for the municipalities for the government and for Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo", she said.

She described the extremely serious situation, making it impossible to provide services for a large part of the children, since the international projects have ended.

"Social welfare providers are in the worst situation in 2024, considering that in December 2023, for most of them, the service providers have completed the programs, which were in support of social services supported by donors international". 01:59 This situation, if it continues in the same way for the following months, will continue with other closures that could lead to a collapse in the field of protection of children's rights and set a precedent for the state of Kosovo. said Kelmendi.

The KOMF coalition calls for essential services for children without parental care, services for children victims of violence, abuse and trafficking, children with disabilities who require support and treatment, need institutional support./ KP

Photo: Alban Bujari