Jasharaj invites Kurti, Nagavc and Murat to SBASHK for "coffee and tea"

Rahman Jasharaj

Rrahman Jasharaj, president of SBASHK

The head of SBASHK, Rrahman Jasharaj, has invited the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the Minister of Education, Arbërie Nagavci and the Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati, for a meeting next week at the offices of SBASHK. 

Jasharaj reacted after the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, speaking about the elections in Lugina, said that "he goes where he is called". 

"I found it hard to believe and that's why I listened to it several times and then also read it several times carefully and I was convinced, the prime minister said that he goes where he is called. This statement of his made me criticize the chairman of the BSPK, Atdhe Hykolli, but also become self-critical. We have sent dozens of requests to the Prime Minister on behalf of BSPK and many requests to Minister Nagavci for meetings and to discuss all the concerns and demands of the membership, but we have told them to hold the meetings with them and we deserve criticism that we have not forgotten the Albanian tradition of hospitality and in our letters for meetings we have not even once told them to come to us. Now when I learned this desire of the Prime Minister and his Government that we should call them that we also have coffee and tea, I am publicly appealing to Prime Minister Kurti to take Minister Nagavci and Minister Murati and come next week to SBASHK". Jasharaj wrote.