Vulini's close man is arrested in Leposavic

Marko Knezhević & Aleksandar Vulin (TIME/Illustration)

Marko Knezhević & Aleksandar Vulin (TIME/Illustration)

On Wednesday evening, the Kosovo police arrested Marko Knezhević, the person close to the former head of the Secret Service of Serbia, Aleksandar Vulin. He was arrested in Leposaviq on suspicion of "identity theft" and "access device".

The news was confirmed by the deputy director of the Police for the northern region, Veton Elshani.

"This person has two identities - one for Serbian documents and the other for Kosovo documents," Elshani told "KoSSev".  

Knezhević has been detained for 48 hours.

During the raid at his house, the Police found some materials related to the case.

Although at the moment he is officially accused of "identity theft", Elshani has said that there is a possibility that the offense will be reclassified depending on the further course of investigations.

"It is suspected that he took the data from someone, but we will see if this is not the case, the qualification of the criminal offense will change", he said.

For several years, Knezhević worked for the "Most" network as a journalist, namely a member of the supervisory board of this network.

He was a close associate of Vulini when he was the director of the so-called Office for Kosovo. At the time Vulini was the director of this office, Knezhević was responsible for relations with the media. It is also part of Vulini's party, the Socialist Movement, which is in power in Serbia.

Vulini is on the blacklist of the United States of America.