PDK: Today, the possibility of going to early elections has been exhausted

Memli Krasniqi - chairman of PDK

Photo: Alban Bujari

The Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Memli Krasniqi, has said that the possibility of sending the country to elections through the dissolution of the Assembly has been exhausted. 

Krasniqi, in a media conference held on Wednesday, said that PDK's call for coordination between the largest political parties regarding this process did not find the necessary support.

"In recent weeks, the PDK has had an increased commitment to send the country to elections through the dissolution of the Assembly in order to shorten the unfruitful mandate of this government. This commitment has come as a result of the stagnation of our state. The PDK has considered that the best solution is the elections. In this way, the citizens themselves would be the ones who would decide what direction the state would take", stated Krasniqi. 

He emphasized that the PDK has been and is always ready for any variant that enables early elections and the removal of this Government. 

"I can speculate about the reasons for the declared readiness of the ruling party to go to early elections, but I am really surprised by the unwillingness of the opposition parties to do so, because not going to the elections is effectively extending their mandate the current government", said the head of the PDK.

Krasniqi emphasized that even for the PDK, resignation was the preferred way of going to the elections, but the only real option on the table was the dissolution of the Assembly.