The police again at the Postal Savings Bank in the north, for the safe that earlier did not have a key

Postal Savings Bank

Photo: Kossev

Ten days after the closure of six units of the Postal Savings Bank in the north of Kosovo, the Police entered the offices of one of these headquarters in North Mitrovica again on Wednesday. The intervention concerns a safe for which there was no key in the preliminary action, confirmed the deputy director of the Police in the northern region, Veton Elshani.

As local Serbian media write, in addition to the Kosovo Police, EULEX officials are also present.
The action is going without incident. 

In the first 10-day action, the Kosovo Police closed six units of the Postal Savings Bank in the north, which have been operating illegally since the post-war period. About 1.6 million euros were confiscated in them. Through the Savings Bank, salaries, payments for social schemes and other benefits that Serbia distributes to Kosovo Serbs were distributed in dinars.

The action was taken a few days after the seventh meeting in Brussels to find a solution regarding the dinar among the Serbian community failed. 

According to the CBK regulation, which was approved in February of this year, the currency in which cash payments can be made is only euros.

The American State Department also reacted to the action, describing the action as an escalation of tensions. Even the European Union has stated that this action incites tensions.

The Government has said that every action was based on legality.