Haxhiu: The actions in the north are an attempt to extend sovereignty, the internationals should support us

Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu

Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu

The Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, has asked for international support in the actions that, according to her, are aimed at extending sovereignty and establishing law and order in the north of the country.

After the international reactions regarding the recent actions in the north of the country, Haxhiu said that such actions are aimed at protecting the territorial integrity of the country.

She said that to do this, commitment and support from the international community is also needed. He said that illegal actions will not be allowed.

"To be honest, we have of course carefully followed all the developments that have taken place as an attempt to extend sovereignty and territorial integrity in the north of the country. There was also yesterday an institutional action by the responsible institutions with the aim of implementing the law and the implementation of the regulation by the CBK", said Haxhiu. 

She emphasized how the Government supports every action which is legal. 

"That's why I believe that our friends and partners, the actions that are in accordance with the legislation in force that aim to extend the law and order to every part of the territory of Kosovo, should support and help us in this effort . Of course we continuously have communications with our partners and of course we as the Government of Kosovo will be committed every day in the north of our country to this law and order, this action of the law of the institutions and not illegal actions because you have seen it that those atrocities will not be tolerated", said Haxhiu after the end of the commemorative academy on the 25th anniversary of the Dubrava Prison massacre, EO reports.

The action of Kosovo's institutions to close six Serbian financial institutions that were operating illegally in the north was criticized by internationals.

After the action, the US State Department expressed its disappointment with the Kosovo government.

Even the European Union has strongly reacted to the Kosovo police operation against the buildings of the Postal Savings Bank of Serbia in the north of the country, calling this evidence that Kosovo "gives priority to unilateral and uncoordinated actions more than cooperation with friends and allies".

Authorities in Kosovo on Monday conducted a police operation against Serbian financial institutions in northern Kosovo, which resulted in the closure of six Post Savings Bank and People's Bank of Serbia facilities in four Serb-majority municipalities.

The action in the north of Kosovo was carried out after reports from financial monitoring institutions, such as the financial intelligence unit and the Central Bank.

Senior Serbian officials called the police action in the north a continuation of official Pristina's efforts to make life difficult for Serbs in the north.

According to the CBK regulation, which was approved in February of this year, the currency in which cash payments can be made is only the euro.