AAK accuses the Government of not working to facilitate voting from the diaspora

Besnik Tahiri - Time Kadrijaj

Photo: Driton Pacharada

The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo has accused the Kurti Government of not working to facilitate the voting process from the diaspora, as provided by the Law on General Elections. In a press conference on Wednesday, the head of the AAK Parliamentary Group, Besnik Tahiri, described the situation in this regard as a "scandal".

According to him, the Government has not taken the action to enable the diaspora to vote through mailboxes in embassies. He said that instead of 50 cents per vote, the diaspora should pay 70-80 euros.

"Voting abroad for our brothers and sisters from the diaspora continues to be manipulated, preventing the implementation of the Law on General Elections which came into effect in July of last year. It has been 9 months since this law came into force and no action has been taken to enable our brothers and sisters to vote according to this law. So far there is no information, no interstate agreement to enable Kosovo citizens to vote in the Embassy as the law says. The new law requires that a mailbox be created where the diaspora will be able to vote and then these votes, which would be paid for with 50 cents, would go to that box that would be packaged by the Embassy and managed by the CEC so that vote to come to Kosovo", said Tahiri.

According to him, for AAK this "is a crime".

He said that Prime Minister Albin Kurti "has understood that the diaspora has understood that he has been deceived and he knows that voting and citizen support are no longer for him".

Meanwhile, the deputy of AAK, Time Kadrijaj, said that "it is worrying because Kurti received the popular vote and over 90 thousand votes from the diaspora".

"Three years of government have passed and we still have the diaspora law on the legislative agenda every year. And every year it does not behave. I don't know what promises Mr. "Kurti will deceive the citizens who have contributed to all the processes," she said.

Tahiri also said that AAK does not support the dissolution of the Assembly, but demands the dismissal or resignation of Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

"The alliance does not do this because it is a tactic to go in the middle of July, when it thinks it has the diaspora here and when it thinks it is running away from the responsibilities of the failure it has made," he said.