Rama: From January 1, there will be new buses and lines

Progress Rama

The mayor of Pristina, Përparim Rama, has announced that from January 1, 2025, there will be new buses and lines in the capital. But he did not show their number.

Rama said that the reform of the public transport system started on Wednesday.

"Today we started with the reform of the public transport system. This reform will bring:  New bus fleet from January 1, 2025, more bus lines according to citizens' needs, coverage of more routes with public transport, one ticket for all lines in the capital, i.e. integrated ticket and digital ticket payment systems" , he wrote on Facebook.

According to Rama, the public transport reform was done in coordination with the private operators of bus lines, the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction, representatives of banks in Kosovo and others.

"This reform will include the guarantee of loans for the purchase of private buses, and consequently the provision of new lines for these private operators", Rama wrote further.