Kurti: The prisoners of Dubrava, evidence of the truth of Kosovo

Albin Kurti, Dubrava

Prime Minister Albin Kurti said that all the prisoners in Dubrava were and are evidence of the truth of Kosovo, during the tributes he made on the 25th anniversary of the massacre of Dubrava by Serbian forces.

According to Kurti, from May 19 to 24, 1999, 116 prisoners were killed or massacred and one disappeared, out of 980 who were gathered in Dubrava prison.

"Of them, 771 survived this massacre,  while 185 were injured  from the Serbian forces", said Kurti.

The names of those killed in the memorial in Dubrava, according to Kurti, are the truth and the most powerful accusation about the Dubrava massacre.

"Each of the Albanian prisoners who were in Dubrava prison in those days of May 1999, is a witness to history and a witness to the truth of Kosovo. The names inscribed on the memorial of the 116 killed in this massacre,  are the truth and the most powerful accusation about the massacre of Dubrava", he added.

The Prime Minister has emphasized that the missing person in this massacre, who is the politician and political ideologue of the national issue Ukshin Hoti, "is the written and lived truth of the political fate of Albanians under Serbia. It is the truth of the thousands of violently disappeared from Serbia, of which 1597 are still missing".

"Our country, the Republic of Kosovo, will find ways and means to prove again and again, like today, like last year, like  we have done during these 25 years, to do justice and for the so important truth of history, of sacrifice and  the resilience of our people", said Kurti.

Among other things, he also mentioned the three generations that include political prisoners during three decades, during the 50s, 60s, and 70s; the second generation, also called the '81 Generation, which included political prisoners after the student demonstrations  of 1981, as well as the third generation of the 90s, including prisoners of war.

"I myself am a part of this, because together with many of you who are here today and with many others, I was arrested, imprisoned and held as a hostage of war, while I was tried in Nis in a political process by the authority of the regime criminal of Serbia", declared Kurti.