Rama discusses with Cameron about Kosovo: Britain wants a successful conclusion of the dialogue

David Cameron & Edi Rama

David Cameron & Edi Rama

(Updated 13:15) - The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, said that with the Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, David Cameron, they also discussed the dialogue process between Kosovo and Serbia and the Pristina-Durra railway.

Cameron visited Tirana today, where he was received with high state honors.

According to Rama, Britain has expressed special interest in the relations in the region and wants the successful conclusion of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

"We also discussed the peace processes in the region. Lord Cameron is a staunch supporter of these processes. Great Britain has expressed special interest in the normalization of relations in the region and to see the successful conclusion of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia", said Rama.

In addition to the dialogue, Rama said that the Durrës - Pristina railway was also discussed, a project which Great Britain has expressed willingness to help.

"Without going into all the plans of our bilateral cooperation, I would like to emphasize that we talked about the involvement of Great Britain in a strategic project for Kosovo and the region, which is the Durrës-Prishtina railway, which is a key element for increasing the capacities of the movement in the region and beyond. Soon we open the international competition for the new Port of Durrës. We are in discussions with NATO about the armed wing of the port, as you are informed, Kosovo will also build a dry port in Pristina. Great Britain has expressed commitment both with financing and with expertise", said Rama.

Rama and Cameron also discussed immigration, for which the British Foreign Secretary said that "Albania coped with it successfully".


The British Foreign Secretary today in Tirana

The Foreign Secretary of Great Britain, David Cameron, will visit Albania today, where he will meet with the highest leaders of the country.

Cameron will hold meetings with the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Igli Hasani, with whom he will hold a press conference, before being received by President Bajram Begaj.

To welcome the high-ranking British official, the Boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation" has been decorated with British and Albanian flags, while a banner has been placed in the building of the Polytechnic University that reads "Welcome Mr. Cameron".

In a statement to the British media before arriving in Albania, Cameron had said that Britain's partnership with Albania is yielding results in terms of the fight against illegal migration, which marked a 90% drop in 2023.

During 2022, over 45 people crossed the English Channel to arrive in Great Britain. The British Ministry of Defense singled out Albanian, Iranian and Afghan immigrants in this record number.

On January 14, the British Minister for Immigration, Robert Jenrick, has said that the state authorities are working to fight illegal entry and has mentioned in particular migrants from Albania.

"Together, we are strengthening our partnership, strengthening European security, investing in the next generation of young people, building trade links and tackling corruption and organized crime to ensure we build a sustainable future and prosperous for our countries," Cameron said.

The British Embassy in Tirana announced a few days ago that Cameron will highlight the success of the partnership between the two countries to combat human traffickers and illegal immigration, as well as the impact of British investment in preventing immigration.

It was also announced that the British Foreign Secretary will announce a new program related to the judiciary to tackle corruption and organized crime in Albania, as well as the provision of UK expertise to the Albanian Police.

The United Kingdom has offered 4 billion pounds for projects in Albania, which will be realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and municipalities throughout the country.

According to the British Embassy in Tirana, trade links have doubled in the past year and UK tourists to Albania have increased by 30% in January 2024 compared to January 2023, paving the way for predictions of record tourism this year. . /REL