Actionable QIKA wants menstrual products to be subject to the reduced VAT rate


Photo: Alban Bujari

The organization QIKA (Center for Information, Criticism and Action) through a symbolic action has requested that menstrual products be subject to the reduced rate of Value Added Tax and to be exempted from customs tax.

In front of the Government facility, this organization has placed a letter in which "a decision of the Minister of Finance, Hekuran Murati" is presented.

QIKA's request comes after a petition of 7500 signatures against the tax on menstrual products. This organization considers that 18 percent VAT is too high for unemployed and underpaid women. 

"I, Hekuran Murati, Minister of Finance, Labor and Transfers in the social democratic government, am fully aware that I have the duty to design and lead policies that increase the well-being of citizens. Being an expert mind and an activist soul, above all as an economist by profession, I know the high unemployment rate of women in Kosovo. Therefore, of course I am sensitive and preoccupied with the level of menstrual poverty. I believe that menstrual products are a necessity, so taxing them by the state with an 18 percent tax is discriminatory. Also, I know that I am legally obliged to implement the requirements for Gender Responsive Budgeting, within the framework of the Law on Gender Equality", says the introduction of the letter sent by QIKA to the Government facility.

The "Decision" contains three points: To expand the list of products with a reduced rate, so that menstrual products (napkins and tampons) are added to the list of items that can be subject to the reduced VAT rate; to amend the administrative instruction for the implementation of the value added tax law and to exempt menstrual products from customs duties.

In the reasoning, QIKA has said that "access to menstrual products is a fundamental right of all women and menstruating persons".