Muhaxhiri: Kosovo can do anything in the north, but it pays the price in Brussels and Washington

Artan Muhaxhiri, political analyst

Artan Muhaxhiri, political analyst, has said that all measures in the north of Kosovo must be undertaken in coordination with the international community, otherwise it will have a counter-effect.

He emphasized in "Interaktiv" that without the integration of the Serbs in the north, no long-term solution can be made.

"Kosovo can do anything in the north, but it pays the big political price in Brussels and Washington. There may be some short-term gain for long-term damage. The consequences could be in the harshening of the language of the allies towards Kosovo", he said.

Muhaxhiri said that Prime Minister Albin Kurti has broken relations with the European Union, and almost froze relations with the USA.  

"We have never had worse political relations", he emphasized.

According to him, the four northern municipalities should have Serbian mayors because the Albanian mayors have no legitimacy.

"You cannot impose on the presidents and tell them this is the new reality... Kosovo cannot influence Belgrade, but Brussels and Washington can, and for this Kosovo must have an excellent relationship with them".

Muhaxhiri has also shown how parties can emerge from new elections. He said that despite the change, VV would still get more votes. As he said, the opposition has not yet shown anything that would completely overturn a result close to that of the 2021 elections.

"The difference of February 14, 2021 was very big. There is an erosion of votes but it is not huge. I cannot lose 50% of the votes at the central level in such a short time. Kurti has a significant core of militants, e  there are also people who were against other parties. It can't be 50%, it can be 30%. 20% may have included the diaspora, and 10% who have preferences. 30 percent are sure. But the rest depends a lot on the opposition," he said.