In The Hague, he testified about the events of June 18 and 19, 1999 in Prizren

Dietrich Klaus Jensch

German Federal Army officer Dietrich Klaus Jensch

Officer Dietrich Jensch said that he saw at least one dead person and several people being held in the former MUP building, in which the KLA was located after the war. He said he did not know that the KLA entered the city, defying the order of the General Staff. The witness Baptist Johan Fritsch stated that "both the Serbian MUP and the KLA then used the same means they had at their disposal for torturing prisoners"

German Federal Army officer Dietrich Jensch spoke at the Special Court in The Hague on Tuesday about a photograph he said he took in Prizren shortly after the war, after seeing at least one dead man and others who, he said, were held hostage by the KLA. 

In the judicial process against the former heads of the General Staff, the photo that he submitted to the prosecution and which he said shows the image inside a building of the Serbian MUP, in which he said that after the war the KLA was located, was not shown. here.

"Given the fact that we had one dead person and several people taken hostage, I considered the situation a criminal act and wanted to document the people who were responsible through photography," said Jensch.

During the answers given to the defense of the accused, the witness Jensch stated that after the end of the war, apart from the Kosovar civilians returning to their homes, criminals from Albania also entered.

"At least I remember two incidents where we arrested people who were stealing and robbing and I remember them saying that they had come from Albania", he declared.

The lawyer Nina Tavakoli, who defends the former president Hashim Thaçi in this court process, said that the KLA troops had entered Prizren, contrary to the order of the General Staff. He also mentioned the case of Commander Ekrem Rexha, who had an incident with German forces.

"Now would you be surprised if I told you that Commander Drini, his very presence in Prizren after the decision he took to lead his forces in the city, has been taken and detained for direct violation of the order from the Chief of Staff General of the KLA, Agim Çeku, who had ordered him not to enter Prizren", asked lawyer Tavakoli. 

Officer Jensch said that he did not know that the KLA had entered the city, contrary to the order of the General Staff.

Lawyer Tavakoli also presented a document in which it was said that Hashim Thaçi had promised the US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, on June 8 that the KLA will not attack the Serbian forces that were retreating. The witness said that he is not aware of this document either.
After he finished, another German began his testimony. 

Based on the presentation of the prosecutor Vega Iodice, the witness Baptist Johan Fritsch, former press officer in the KFOR contingent, was present in the former MUP building in Prizren on June 18, 1999.

Iodice said that this witness had seen the lifeless body of a detainee in this building, also, according to her, this witness has documented violence against the Serbian and Roma minorities.

"Witness '03881' saw the dead body of a detainee and confirmed that KFOR treated the detainees' injuries. He took pictures of the victims, their injuries and the materials seized by KFOR taken by KLA soldiers. 03881 was also present and witnessed, and documented violence against the Serb and Roma minorities. "Witness 03881 kept a handwritten diary with the photographs he had taken," she said.

Fritsch said that he also documented torture tools that were used by the MUP, then by the KLA in this building.

"Both the MUP and the KLA then used the same tools at their disposal," said the witness.

Fritsch is expected to continue his testimony on Wednesday.


The German general begins his testimony: We caught people in uniforms with German flags who were looting

The officer of the German Federal Army, Dietrich Klaus Jensch, has stated that while he was on a mission within KFOR in Kosovo, they caught people wearing uniforms with German flags and committing theft.

Answering the questions of Thaçi's defense through lawyer Nina Tavakoli, the witness emphasized that these people were told to at least remove the flags of Germany. According to him, there were people who came from Albania to commit theft, "Betimi per Drejtesi" reports.

"At least I remember two incidents where we arrested people who were stealing and robbing and remember that they said they came from Albania... It often happened that we caught people who were wearing German uniforms with the German flag and we asked them to at least remove the German flags in such a way that they would no longer be identified as members of the army", the witness stated.

He also claimed that before the withdrawal of Serbian troops and after the return of Kosovar refugees to Kosovo, there were retaliatory actions.

"Yes, I have seen and witnessed some of them myself", he said.
The witness emphasized that he had seen several fires while he was in Kosovo and many of them he had seen on television after he had returned to Germany.

Further, the witness Klaus Jensch has claimed that acts of looting were also carried out by soldiers of the Yugoslav army.

"There were acts of looting, I remember a scene involving the soldiers of the ex-Yugoslav army who were shooting in the air and a German major commander who knew a little of the local language and managed to calm the situation down a bit. So there was a confrontation between the Albanian part of the population and the Yugoslav forces that were leaving", he said.

Whereas, for the case in the MUP building in Prizren, the witness emphasized that after two of the detainees had gone to the monastery school in Prizren where the refugees were kept, they stated that they had seen two people who had beaten them.

"Around 15:00 two people who currently live in the Manastirin school in Prizren recognized Sami Rexhepi and KLA commander Nezir Kryez through the window and said that they were repeatedly beaten and mistreated by them when they were kept in the former MUP building", he declared.

Dietrich Klaus-Jensch is the 63rd witness in the case against Hashim Thaçi, Kadri Veseli, Rexhep Selim and Jakup Krasniqi. He began his testimony on Tuesday.