Lajçak: I will call a meeting about the dinar if the parties show readiness for an agreement

Bislimi Lajcak Petkovic Brussels dialogue Kosovo - Serbia

Photo-illustration: TIME

The emissary of the European Union, Miroslav Lajcak, has said that he is ready to organize another meeting between the chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia on the dinar issue, provided that they show readiness to reach an agreement.

In a post on Facebook, he said that during the week he held a meeting with Besnik Bislim as chief negotiator of Kosovo and Petar Petkovic of Serbia, but no agreement was reached.

Lajçak added that it remains unclear how the failure to reach an agreement on the dinar will affect the lives of citizens.

"During the past week, I also hosted the chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia for what I see as the final round of discussions on the regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo. Unfortunately, no agreement has been reached and it is unclear how this will affect the daily lives of the affected communities in Kosovo. I remain willing to wait for another meeting on this topic, provided that the parties show a real willingness to reach an agreement", he wrote.

During the week, the seventh meeting was held, the subject of which was the dinar issue, but there was no agreement from the meeting.