The American undersecretary: The association is an essential step towards the Euro-Atlantic path for Kosovo

Elizabeth Allen - US Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy

Photo: Driton Pacharada

The American Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy, Elizabeth Allen, in a joint media conference in Pristina with the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, also mentioned the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority. She said that the Association is an essential step towards Kosovo's Euro-Atlantic path and that she talked with President Osmani about it. 

"With the president this morning, they had a productive discussion regarding disinformation, politicking, support for civil society and multilateral engagement. We also talked about the critical issue of Kosovo's European and Euro-Atlantic path. I reiterated that we can best support Kosovo's journey towards European and Euro-Atlantic institutions when we have close cooperation and coordination. I know that this is a very important matter for you, President Osmani. We discussed the essential step towards Kosovo's Euro-Atlantic path - the forward movement of Kosovo for the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian Majority", said Allen. 

Allen has said that the memorandum signed between the USA and Kosovo to fight the manipulation of information from foreign countries is an indicator of the commitment of the USA and Kosovo to develop a common approach to better understand disinformation originating from foreign and for the construction of consultative mechanisms to oppose this threat. 

"We recognize the fact that authoritarian governments manipulate information and spread disinformation to influence people around the world, causing chaos and division, to reduce trust in institutions, especially democratic institutions. "Just as we have NATO to ensure security and defense, we will rely on this agreement to counter foreign disinformation and malign influence," Allen said. 

Allen has compared the interoperability of security forces such as those of NATO with the effort for greater interaction and cooperation in the field of combating disinformation with this agreement.