The weather in the next five days in Kosovo is unstable

Weather forecast

The weather in the next five days in Kosovo is expected to be unstable, with sun and rain, the Hydrometeorological Institute of Kosovo has announced.

On Monday, it is expected to be mostly cloudy and rainy, while the minimum temperatures will be between 13-15 degrees Celsius and the maximum between 21-25 degrees Celsius. 
On Tuesday, it is expected to be cloudy with sunny intervals, and during the day the clouds are expected to bring rain. 

Similar weather is expected on Wednesday. 

While on Thursday, there will be cloudy weather with rain in places. There will be a decrease in temperatures, where the minimum will be between 9-12 degrees Celsius, and the maximum between 20-25 degrees Celsius. 
Friday will also have cloudy weather with sunny intervals. 
"Agrometeorological and biometeorological conditions continue to be relatively good and stable", the Institute announced.