Ulutash: The events in Kosovo affected security in the region, we sent 1,000 troops


The commander of KFOR, General Ozkan Ulutash, has said that the events that happened last year in Kosovo have negatively affected the security situation in the region.

He emphasized that after the tensions, NATO has sent 1 additional troops to Kosovo and that the Turkish battalion that came as part of the additional forces is contributing in a professional manner.

"As you know, our battalion from Turkey is serving in the field of operations as a reserve unit. In the case of our Turkish battalion, our soldiers are making a contribution that will make a difference here in a professional, highly trained way", stated Ulutas after an activity.

In the north, tensions rose last year after Kosovo police assisted new Albanian mayors to enter municipal buildings. This was opposed by the local Serbian population, who did not accept the results of the April local elections, which they boycotted.

The situation escalated on May 29, when Serbs clashed with KFOR and over 100 people were injured on both sides.

On September 24, a Serbian paramilitary group launched an armed attack in Banjska of Zveçan, where the police officer Afrim Bunjaku was killed. The responsibility for the attack was taken by Milan Radoicic, who, although wanted by INTERPOL, is still at large in Serbia.