Information about punishments for sexual violence

Most young people have no knowledge of what sexual violence, sexual harassment is and from what age they are allowed to enter into sexual relations.

This is what Valmira Morina, from the Institute for Research and Human Rights, said during her lectures to the students of the economic school "Hoxha Kadri-Prishtina".

This is a project where about 1000 students will learn about the age at which they should enter sexual relations and when it is not considered a criminal offense.

Morina says that such a project was very necessary as they saw the lack of information among young people.

According to her, at the same time they also fill out a questionnaire, from which it is understood that among the sexually harassed, there are also boys.

For this reason, she adds that it is very necessary to include sex education as a subject in schools.

The students of the 10th and 11th grades said that they learned a lot from these lectures and that they now know what is considered harassment and what is sexual violence.

The principal of the school says that she herself requested such a lecture, as there have been cases when students of this school have been sexually harassed on the way to school.

In addition to this school, parallel lectures were also held in "Gjingazull" and in two schools in Lipjan.