The road Gjakovë - Klinë is opened for traffic


(Updated) - The road Gjakovë - Klinë has been opened for traffic, in the segment of the village of Vollajkë, announced "TV Syri Vision".

This road was blocked as a result of the landslide during midnight on Saturday. 
Contracting companies with excavators worked throughout the day to unblock the road. The road has become passable, but the engineers have said that care should be taken, "TV Syri Vision" reported. 

The ground collapses, the Gjakovë-Klinë road is blocked

The Gjakovë-Klinë road is blocked due to the landslide.

The police for the region of Peja have said that the road is blocked for traffic. 

"From 1:00 a.m. after midnight, the Police was notified that the Klinë-Gjakovë road, exactly in Volljakë, had a landslide. The units are out there. The road is closed to traffic. The contractor company for adjustment is making efforts to free it", said the Police, adding that the amount of collapsed soil is large. 

The police have added that despite the continuous efforts of the team, it is not known when that road can be opened for traffic.