Customs says it collected 18 percent more revenue than a year earlier


Kosovo Customs said on Thursday that so far this year it has collected 500 million euros, or 18 percent more (78 million euros) compared to last year's revenue collection. The collection of this amount, according to Customs, exceeds even the projection of 6 percent for this fiscal year.

"These revenues have been collected even though the effect on tax exemptions according to the Government's import decisions for manufacturers and the deepening of exemptions from free trade agreements have significantly deepened. In this period, 79 million euros of taxes of this category were released, or 21 million more than the previous year", says the announcement of the Customs.

According to the Customs, there has been progress in facilitating trade, especially with the functionalization of customs clearance in the port of Durrës and state terminals.

"This progress has resulted in a significant cost saving of 4.3 million euros over the three-month period, while according to the trend of progress, we anticipate that this saving will escalate, reaching up to 20 million euros by the end of the year, further optimizing our commercial processes and improving economic growth while simultaneously influencing the price reduction for the consumer", the announcement states.