Neziri: Kurti had no effect in North Macedonia, few Albanians came to the elections

The political analyst in North Macedonia, Xelal Neziri, said that Prime Minister Albin Kurti had no effect on the election results of the Albanian parties in North Macedonia, adding that he could not "achieve the goal of the Albanians".

According to Neziri, Kurti is a popular politician, but when it comes to elections, "voters think a little differently".

 "Kurti's intervention did not have the right effect. It is another issue that Macedonia also has a multi-ethnic composition, a different political system from Kosovo. We live in two countries that may be the same, but they are not related to the same systems. These interventions may have had the opposite effect. The involvement of Kurt has not created the expected result. It's popular, too, but when it comes to voting, voters think a little differently. They do not take into account the cult of the politician, but take decisions when they also take into account the circumstances", said Neziri in KTV's Interactive.

He has added that this is a weak election result for the Albanian parties in North Macedonia, while emphasizing that it is the first time "that Albanians have turned out in such low numbers in the elections".

We expected record echoes of Albanians going to the elections, but it was a low echo. This is due to the migration of Albanians abroad due to the facilitation of obtaining visas...Being abroad, it was impossible for them to come to their homeland to vote. If we look at the votes in the diaspora, it will be seen that very few single-digit votes have been received," said Neziri.

According to him, the Albanian political subjects have failed to encourage "even the sleeping voter" to participate in this democratic process.

Neziri has said that VMRO is expected to get 50 MPs in these elections, and the VLEN coalition needs 10 MPs, believing that "there will be no problem in creating a governing coalition".

"The Constitution does not stipulate that the first Albanian party participates in the government. The one who has the political legitimacy of the Albanians with deputies should be the one who represents the Albanians in the Government. This option will be discussed, but VLEN and Fronti are not composed only of Albanian parties and cannot claim full legitimacy", he added.