Abdixiku: Kurti and his government apparatus divided the Albanians in North Macedonia

Lumir Abdixhiku, LDK

The chairman of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Lumir Abdixhiku, has said that if the Albanians were united, with one candidate, in the presidential elections in North Macedonia, they would be in the runoff now.

"It would be a historic result. But the Albanians were divided", he wrote on Facebook, accusing the Prime Minister of Kosovo of having a role in the division of the Albanians there.

Abdixhiku wrote that Kosovo should return to the all-Albanian unifying policy and that "this should be our normal role". He stated that the country's institutions have divided the Albanians in Macedonia.

"In this division, the populist Prime Minister of Kosovo and his entire government apparatus became an active actor. From the office of the Prime Minister, Kosovo, the institutions of the Republic, instead of trying to unite, did what they know how to do well - divide and divide! They campaigned, they did propaganda, they defiled one candidate, but in the end it ended with a catastrophic result", he said further.

Abdixhik also sent a message to those who supported the coalition of Albanian parties that lost against the DUI candidate, Bujar Osmani. He said that the "losers" should look at their representatives "who turned into populist instruments of a polarizing party that, apart from terror and clashes - I don't know anything else".

"To help, not to divide. We will do the recovery of the clashes with the Albanians in Macedonia, Albania and the Valley with full care and dedication!" Abdixhiku has finished.