LDK's reaction

"The DASH report sealed the Government's incompetence and corruption"


The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) said that it has received with concern the US State Department's report on Kosovo, saying that it confirms the concerns raised.

In a communiqué for the media, the LDK added that the report "stamped the Government's incompetence and corruption".

"LDK has continuously drawn attention and publicly denounced suspicions of corruption by the Government, including hundreds of secret tenders that this government has signed, worth over 240 million euros. So there is propaganda and there is no war against corruption as claimed by the Government of Kosovo, which was confirmed by the DASH report", says the reaction.

The opposition party has invited the Prosecutor's Office to address all concerns, demanding that the law be implemented "without any obstacles and that suspicions of corruption and governmental irresponsibility be seriously investigated".

"LDK is committed to continue raising its voice in defense of our institutions, from the corruption that this Government has installed. LDK will also use all institutional mechanisms so that those responsible for their actions are brought before the law. Kosovo deserves a clean and fair government for all its citizens, and we are determined to work towards this goal", the reaction continues.

The report of the State Department for Human Rights states that there were no significant changes during 2023 for the human rights situation in Kosovo.

Among the most important human rights reports were serious problems with the independence of the judiciary; serious restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of the media, including through violence or threats against journalists; serious government corruption; widespread gender-based violence, including violence in the family, or against partners; as well as violent crimes, or threats of violence against ethnic minorities and other communities.

You can read the full report here.