Qoku: Ahmeti's DUI favors pro-Serbian policies

Bekim Qoku

Bekim Qoku, adviser to Prime Minister Albin Kurti and candidate for deputy in North Macedonia, has stated that the Democratic Union for Integration (BDI), of Ali Ahmeti, is a subject that is favoring pro-Serbian policies.

He stated on Monday in KTV's "Interaktiv" that Ahmeti has proven in the current government that "this government is close to the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic".

"Albin Kurti will be against a political entity that supports the proximity to today's Belgrade led by Vuçiqi. Today Vuçiqi in the Security Council gave the statement that Kurti interferes in the politics of North Macedonia, which was followed by a statement that "Vuçiqi became the master of DUI". We have a government close to Belgrade and Vucic", stated Qoku, one of the representatives of the VLEN coalition.

According to Kurti's adviser, Ahmet's connection with pro-Serbian policies was observed "even in the case of the Open Balkans".

He said that the prime minister of Albania, Edi Rama, withdrew from this initiative "when he saw that it was not functional", but Ahmeti, according to Qoku, offered support to the initiative.

According to Qok, Prime Minister Kurti is a politician with a positive influence in North Macedonia.

"Albin Kurti is a politician with the greatest influence, he has a great and positive influence in North Macedonia. Kurti speaks to Albanians who want changes and want to fight corruption. As prime minister, he has never made any political statement or gesture, nor has he expressed any threats or claims against North Macedonia... It is scandalous to compare Albin Kurti with Vucic's intervention. "Vuçiqi has blood against other nations, Vuçiqi is a former minister of the Milosevic regime," added Qoku.

The candidate for deputy in North Macedonia has added that he expects DUI to fall from power and that the VLEN coalition will be the winner of the elections. 

"I say as a politician, we will not lose. We will win the elections. All polls prove that we are absolute winners of these elections. So, we will be at least 20 thousand votes ahead of Bujar Osmani. Surveys tell us. In electoral unit 6, where there are the largest Albanian votes, DUI is almost politically non-existent there. It is very weak", said Qoku.