Kamberi for Sunday's vote: Message for the Government to reintegrate the Kosovo Serbs

Belgium Camberi

Belgzim Kamberi, from the "Musine Kokolari" Institute, has said that the failure of Sunday's vote for the dismissal of the mayors in the four northern municipalities of Kosovo, should also be a message for the Government of Kosovo to "reintegrate the Kosovo Serbs into the institutions". 

A little more than 250 citizens participated in Sunday's vote, considering the vote for the dismissal of the mayors as failed. Lista Serbe had called for a boycott of the vote. 

"It cannot be considered a success for Kosovo. This deepens the gap between the Serbian population of the north and the institutions and does not contribute to the return of Serbs to the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, to their reintegration. This shows a distrust towards the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo... It should be a message for the Government of Kosovo to find the mechanisms to reintegrate the Serbs in the institutions, from the judiciary, the police and especially in the municipalities", he said. Kamberi in "60 Minutes" of KTV. 

Kamberi said that the current situation continues to be a "dangerous potential for new security problems". 

Kamberi said that Sunday's vote also showed that "Belgrade is not interested in implementing the agreement, including the Association". 

"If he was interested, he would logically invite people to dismiss the presidents in the north... It is clear that Vuçiqi has no interest in implementing the agreement for the normalization of relations". 
Kamberi said that Kosovo has fulfilled the condition for organizing the vote. 

Kamberi has said that it is also very important that the European Union officially conditioned Serbia's path towards the EU on Monday with the normalization of relations with Kosovo.