Rohde on voting in the north: Those who wanted a boycott got what they asked for

The Ambassador of Germany in Kosovo, Jorn Rohde

The Ambassador of Germany in Kosovo, Jorn Rohde / Photo: KOHA

The German ambassador, Jorn Rohde, has said that since Sunday's vote in the north, the situation has not been reached where all citizens will be able to feel represented by the mayors.

He stated that the call of the Serbian List to boycott this process is regrettable.

In an answer to TIME, he said that the Government of Kosovo has done its part by organizing a process that voters could have used to choose their representatives.

"The boycott demanded by political actors like Lista Srpska is, as I have said before, deplorable and destructive when it comes to democratic culture, problem solving and taking care of the actual daily life of citizens. To put it bluntly: those who called for a boycott got exactly what they asked for," the response states, among other things.

The government has estimated that Kosovo by organizing the voting process for the dismissal of the presidents in the north has fulfilled its obligations and has asked the European Union (EU) to remove the measures imposed on Kosovo.

On Sunday, the four municipalities in the north, North Mitrovica, Zveçan, Leposavic and Zubin-Potok, organized a vote for the dismissal of the mayors. But the initiative of Serbian citizens has failed.

For dismissal, a vote in favor of 50 percent of the electoral body of a municipality, plus one vote, was needed, but at the end of the day barely 250 votes were collected in the four municipalities.

According to the Central Election Commission, 111 eligible voters voted in North Mitrovica, 124 in Leposavic, 18 in Zubin-Potok and none in Zveçan.