Kastrati: About 530 thousand residents registered so far in Kosovo

Chief of the Statistics Agency of Kosovo, Avni Kastrati

Chief of the Statistics Agency of Kosovo, Avni Kastrati

Photo: Driton Pacharada

530 people have been registered since the population census process began on April 5, said the head of the Kosovo Statistics Agency, Avni Kastrati.

According to him, the population census is being done in all municipalities of Kosovo, including the north of the country, and the process is proceeding as planned. 

"So far, the process has gone according to the plan and predictions we made from the beginning. Until yesterday, over 530 citizens were registered in Kosovo, over 36 percent of the facilities in Kosovo were registered. We have no major challenges on earth. The registrants have now reached the quota we predicted, we average about 7 surveys. If such a dynamic of the census continues, we will manage to complete the population census as we have foreseen", said Kastrati at the press conference.

In the northern municipalities, Kastrati admitted that the population census is challenging, but he is optimistic that in the coming weeks, the Serbian community will participate in the census.

"I inform you that all areas in Kosovo are participating in the census and all communities are participating in the census. The Serbian community is also participating in the registration in all areas and municipalities. There was a delay with staff and registrars in the northern municipalities, but we have engaged staff and the Serbian community in the north is also being registered, not to the same extent as in other areas, but a registration has begun and we expect this registration in the coming weeks. also in that part", he said. /EO