Ethics Council

Krasniqi accuses the students of copying: They write the answers to the exams on their feet

Xhevat Krasniqi

Photo: Alban Bujari

The session of the Council of Ethics is continuing with the fifth session, where professor Xhevat Krasniqi has been invited to testify for the second time.

The hearing is open, but recording is prohibited.

Xhevat Krasniqi said that the students made the complaint because of the failure to pass the exam.

He said that "all expressions in the complaint are defamation".

"All complimentary expressions are slander", he said.

The professor says that one of the reporting students threatened him with the words "go away, you don't even know yourself."

Professor Krasniqi stated that students copy in exams by writing the content of lectures on their bodies.

"The whole legs are written during the summer with a dress to copy, and I don't talk about it. I go to look at them and they tell me 'why are you looking at me'? I ask what you have there and not what you have under your dress", he said.

After the conclusion of Krasniqi's testimony, student activists blocked the exit of Krasniqi and the members of the Ethics Council from the hall where the testimony was given.

After that, the intervention of the Kosovo Police was needed, in order to allow them to leave.