The initial review for "Subsidies V" is postponed to May 8

The initial review session for the "Subsidies V" case

The initial review session for the "Subsidies V" case

The initial review session for the "Subsidies V" case has been postponed to May 8. 

In the hearing scheduled to be held on Monday, the accused AT and BO were absent

The court also noted the absence of lawyers Betim Shala, Shpend Krasniqi and Ali Latifi. The latter went to the session an hour late, as he announced that Krasniqi is out of the country.

Judge Violeta Namani-Hajra has warned of fines in case of the absence of the defender without justifying the absence. 

Nine of the 18 accused have entered into plea agreements with the Special Prosecutor's Office. The prosecutor of this case is Rafet Halimi.

The hearing in the "Subsidies V" case is interrupted

The initial review session for the "Subsidies V" case was interrupted for 10 minutes due to the absence of the two accused. 

Judge Violeta Namani-Hajra informed the parties that the court will try to contact the two accused VI, and BO, so that the hearing will not be postponed.

Lawyer Besnik Beqiri said that he had no contact with his client, while lawyer Nazim Morina said that he did not have the phone number of the accused who is defending him. Beqiri and Morina defend two of the accused in this case on the basis of their official duties.

In this case, 18 people are accused. The indictment against the defendants KZ, LS, S.SH, AU, VH, BP, A.GJ, GA, KS, BS, VI, FJ, FY, AN, AS, AT, BO and MM has been filed for the criminal offenses " Abuse of official position or authority", "Taking a bribe", "Giving a bribe", "Exercising influence" as well as "Fraud with subsidies".

"The indictment has been filed against eight (8) defendants as officials, of which four (4) defendants are from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, two (2) official defendants from the Gjilan Region within the AZHB , one (1) official in the Municipality of Kllokot, one (1) official in the Municipality of Vitia and ten (10) other civil defendants", the announcement of the Prosecutor's Office stated.

Likewise, the Special Prosecutor's Office had proposed to confiscate "property sequestered by the defendants acquired by committing criminal offenses in the amount of €184,000.00".