Kurti: There is no will to dismiss the mayors in the north, the measures should be lifted immediately from Kosovo

Albin Kurti - Government

Photo: Alban Bujari

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has stated that the voting process in the north showed that there is no will to dismiss the current presidents, calling on the European Union to remove the sanctioning measures as soon as possible.

Kurti wrote on Facebook on Sunday that Belgrade authorities have put pressure on Serbian citizens in the north, and according to him, "Serbia has seen that it can collect 20 percent, but not 50 percent."

"Serbian citizens in the four municipalities in the north - North Mitrovica, Zubin Potok, Zveçan and Leposaviq - today had the opportunity to dismiss the current mayors in a democratic and legal election process. The results of today's voting show that there is no will to dismiss the current presidents. 20% of the votes collected by Lista Serbe for the petition to initiate this process did not turn out to be more than that. Serbia has seen that it can collect 20% but not 50%. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo is sensitive to the circumstances in the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo, especially to the great pressure exerted by the Belgrade authorities on the Serbian citizens of Kosovo in these four municipalities", said Kurti.

According to him, the possibility of dismissing the mayors in the northern municipalities and holding elections was a key criterion for lifting the measures. He has invited the mayor of Zveçan, Ilir Peci, and the mayor of Zubin-Potok, Izmir Zeqir, to go to the municipal facilities to exercise their duties.

"The possibility of the dismissal of the current presidents and the holding of elections for dismissal were key criteria for the removal of the measures against Kosovo by the European Union. These unfair measures, after today's vote, must be removed as soon as possible. Those who didn't like these four mayors in the north, tonight, regretfully have to congratulate them on their positions. And the mayors of Zveçan and Zubin Potok, Ilir Peci and Izmir Zeqiri, do well to finally go to their offices and exercise their duties unhindered in the official facilities of the municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo", added the head of the executive .

He emphasized that the Government is sensitive to the circumstances in the four northern municipalities.