US Embassy: We regret that the Serbs in the north did not take advantage of the vote


The Embassy of the United States of America (USA) in Pristina has commented on the failure of the voting process for the dismissal or not of the Albanian mayors in the four municipalities in the north after the call of the Serbian List and the official Belgrade for a boycott by the citizens.

A spokesperson for the US embassy has said that today's vote was requested as a result of successful initiative efforts made by citizens within the existing legal framework and validated by the Central Election Commission.

He said that the US position towards Kosovo remains clear and unchanged: We support Kosovo's diverse, inclusive, multi-ethnic democracy and the free, fair and legitimate elections that support it.

"In accordance with its legal requirements, Kosovo held a vote for the recall of mayors on April 21 in four municipalities in the north of Kosovo. As Ambassador Hovenier and other US government officials have repeatedly said, we believe it is important that the citizens of Kosovo have the ability to exercise their right to recall elected officials in accordance with Kosovo's legal framework, if they decide to do this", said the spokesperson of the US Embassy in Pristina.

Furthermore, he recalled that the Quint countries and the EU called on the Serbian List and other Kosovo Serb political actors on April 10 to reconsider their positions to withdraw from participating in this vote. legal for the withdrawal of the presidents.

"We regret that they did not do such a thing and therefore did not fully utilize the democratic means available to them according to Kosovar law to advance effective and representative democracy. Democratic participation helps ensure that leaders are representative of the populations they serve. Voting is a critical freedom of democratic societies", said the embassy spokesperson.

The United States and its partners have closely followed the voting process in the four municipalities in the north, recalling that the Central Election Commission (CEC) appealed to all eligible voters and that they appreciate the efforts made by election officials. Kosovar citizens to allow all Kosovar citizens registered in the four municipalities to participate in this democratic process.

"We understand from international observation teams that there was extremely low voter turnout. Therefore, there is no decision by the voters to recall the mayors. The mayors of the municipalities in the country were elected and remain in place, according to the legal framework of Kosovo", concluded the spokesperson of the US Embassy in Pristina in a written response to KosovaPress.