Serbian List: The voters were not afraid of us, but of Kurti and his para-police units

Serbian List

Lista Serbe has reacted after the end of the voting process in the north, for the dismissal or not of the current presidents.

Through a post on Facebook, Lista Serbe has called the vote a farce, for which it has declared that it was organized by the "regime of Albin Kurti".

The Serbian List has stated that "today showed a high degree of unity of the Serbian people, who remained consistent with themselves, but also proved that it is not the Serbian List and Serbia that are scaring the Serbs, but Kurti and his illegal units parapolice, which resulted in empty streets of the north".

According to this party, Sunday showed some things that should be taken into account in the next period, first of all by the representatives of the international community.

"The first is that the Serbian List was deeply right when it called on the Serbian people not to participate in this game of Kurti because it was created from the beginning with the intention of failing," the reaction says. 

LS has said that they were ready to participate in this process, but, according to them, they did not want to play the "game directed by Kurti" from which, it is claimed, the departure of the current presidents was not planned.

"Thirdly, today showed what democracy looks like under Albin Kurti, with special forces and armored vehicles at the polling stations, cameras that record the voters and how they go, the administrators at the electoral boards, the electoral boards without a Serb in them and without Serbian is spoken in many polling stations", says the reaction.