Gashi: The conditions for lifting the measures have now been met

Beytush Gashi

The former Minister of Internal Affairs, Bejtush Gashi, has stated that with the voting process in the north, the conditions for the removal of sanctioning measures from the European Union have been met.

He said on Sunday that Kosovo is now in a favorable position in terms of diplomacy "after it became clear that Serbia invited a boycott".

"We are in a favorable position in terms of diplomacy, since it was found that Serbia, despite all the demands it has had to change the reality in those municipalities, made an invitation for a boycott. The government has a strong trump card for lobbying, to ask the EU to remove the measures after the conditions for the removal of the measures have been met...With this step, the measures have been taken and the conditions have been met", said Gashi, an expert on the issues. of security.

Vokrri: Serbian citizens do not want to return the Serbian List to power

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Local Government Administration, Arbër Vokrri, has stated that the boycott of voting in the north is not a success of the Serbian List.

According to him, from this process, "the attempt to keep under control the Serbian citizen in the north to appear as the only political representative" has completely failed.

"In 2021, when citizens in Leposavic could choose more than one option, Zoran Todić won with 7.400 votes, while now for the dismissal of a mayor where it was assumed that there would be Serbian mobilization, they did not even manage to reach 6.500 votes...Serbian citizens are not interested in returning the Serbian List to power", said Vokrri on KTV on Sunday