Police: Voting in the north was peaceful and without incidents

Voting north

Photo: Driton Pacharada

In a statement, the Kosovo Police said that the process of voting for or against the removal of the mayors of municipalities in the north, in terms of security, went smoothly and without incident.

The communiqué states that in order to provide security and the smooth running of the voting process, a sufficient number of police officers, mainly of public order, were engaged, but police officers of various profiles were also foreseen within the Kosovo Police.

"According to police planning, the purpose of this operational order for this voting process was:
Creating a calm and safe climate for all citizens of the four northern municipalities of the country, maintaining order, peace and public safety in the country before-during and after the voting process. Securing Voting Centers, Municipal Councils, Municipal Warehouses, Results Counting Center and Central Warehouses. Safe conveyance and securing of all sensitive material from all destinations foreseen in the security plan until the conclusion of the police operation. Initiating and proceeding with any criminal offense against the right to vote and undertaking all procedural/criminal measures against anyone who contravenes the positive laws of the country that regulate/sanction illegal actions against this process, in close coordination and cooperation with the Prosecutor of the State according to the action plans and preliminary agreements based on the law", the communiqué states.

The police said that the planning and implementation of this voting process was managed by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) according to legal powers, "while the Kosovo Police has been and continues to be responsible for maintaining public order and peace, undertaking all measures preventive, operational and investigative for the creation of a safe environment during the entire voting process and after it, as well as assisted in the requests of the CEC"

The State Prosecutor's Office has announced that the process in four municipalities has passed without any cases of criminal offenses against human rights.

"Since seven o'clock in the morning today, the state prosecutors have been engaged, in the police stations of the four respective municipalities, to closely supervise the progress of the voting process, who were in a state of readiness to react in any case where there is obstruction of the voting process. The same throughout the day have continuously visited the voting centers in the four municipalities to see closely the progress of the voting process", the announcement states.

In the press release, it was said that it will continue to supervise the vote counting process until the end of the process.