Osmani: Serbia interfered in the elections in the north, Kosovo met the conditions of the EU

President Vjosa Osmani

President Vjosa Osmani

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, said that Kosovo gave the citizens of the northern municipalities the opportunity to remove the current mayors and elect new mayors.

Through a post on Facebook, she wrote that the citizens largely did not take advantage of this opportunity.

According to her, unfortunately, this mainly happened due to pressure from Belgrade, executed by the Serbian List and illegal criminal structures.

He added that once again, Serbia carried out illegal interference in an election process of another country and Vuçiqi violated the word he had given to international partners.

"However, Kosovo once again proved prudence, organization and full respect of the laws and the constitution, offering all communities, without distinction, the opportunity to choose for themselves who they want to represent them. I thank the Central Election Commission, our security institutions, as well as our partners for their work, dedication and cooperation. With the organization of today's process, Kosovo has fulfilled all the conditions required by the EU. Unjust measures against Kosovo must be removed immediately", she wrote.