Democracy in Action: Low turnout, missed opportunity for citizens

Elections in the north

Democracy in Action has said that the low turnout in the voting process in the north is a lost opportunity for the citizens of the four municipalities to pave the way for elections for new mayors.

In a reaction to the media, this organization said that some polling stations did not meet the standards of the voting process, as according to it, there was "inadequate selection of facilities that played the role of voting centers".

The DnV has said that this has also resulted in the collection of several polling stations in a single space, the placement of polling stations on high floors of municipal buildings and the improvisation of offices.

"According to Democracy in Action, the technical conditions in some Voting Centers, namely polling stations, have not met the standards of the voting process. It is worth mentioning the inadequate selection of buildings that have played the role of Voting Centers, followed by the accumulation of several polling stations in a single space, the placement of voting booths on the upper floors of municipal buildings, the improvisation of offices or narrow rooms as polling stations such as AND  the lack of heating or lighting in the polling stations organized in containers", says the reaction.

Democracy in Action has added that the process went smoothly and without incident.