Leaders in the north boasted that they refused to go to the polls

Although they are proud of their work, the mayor of Zveçan and that of Zubin Potok from the ranks of PDK, did not vote against their dismissal in Sunday's process. They did not respond to the vote on the grounds that it was initiated at the request of the Serbian List. Likewise, the two mayors from Vetëvendosje who lead the Municipality of North Mitrovica and Leposaviq did not vote against their dismissal.

The mayors of municipalities with a Serbian majority in the north did not vote against the process of their dismissal.

The two PDK leaders, Zvecani and Zubin Potoku, refused to answer, as they said, the request of the Serbian List for their dismissal, even if the question "Do you agree to dismiss the mayor" will be able to to declare "NO".

"No, we have not voted and we will not go to vote because Lista Serbe has started this procedure and I do not see it reasonable to go against myself," said Ilir Peci, chairman of Zveçan.

"I don't know if they have come out, if they will come out, I don't tell them either come out or don't come out, because I won't come out either", said Izmir Zeqiri, chairman of Zubin-Potoku.

Neither Zeqiri nor Peci contributed to the continuation of their mandate, although they boast about the work and support they enjoy in the community.

"I see that a large part of the citizens, based on the information we have, they prefer us, they support us, they are satisfied with the approach to communications and of course with what we have to offer the citizen", he said. Violence.

"Every time I ran I won. I hope that if I run, I will still win", added Peci.

In addition to not voting in any of the centers, the two leaders from the ranks of the Vetëvendosje Movement, who lead North Mitrovica and Leposaviq, have not even declared to the media about the voting process. 

The voting process was largely opposed by the local Serbs who obeyed the Serbian List's call for a boycott, just as they had obeyed a year ago to boycott the election process, from which the four Albanian presidents won their mandates.