Grandfather: The elections in the north exposed Kurti's weakness

Betim Gjoshi - PDK

The secretary of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Betim Gjoshi, has stated that the voting process in the north has revealed the weakness of the Kurti Government, saying that Prime Minister Albin Kurti "managed to do irreparable damage to Kosovo".

He wrote on Facebook on Sunday, that through this process where few citizens voted for or against the dismissal of the mayors, "hundreds of thousands of euros were spent without any result".

According to Gjoshi, this process damaged Kosovo's image.

"Zero voters in polling stations. Schools closed. Loss of hundreds of thousands of euros. No result. Back to zero. Now, this masquerade, for such it is, who is it serving? Why does this persistence spoil Kosovo's image so much? Where were the Serbs loyal to the prime minister? Through these elections, the weakness of this government was revealed once again. We told you from the beginning that this process is illegal, ill-conceived and, worst of all, harmful - as it turned out. However, through these elections, the Prime Minister and the Government have managed to do one thing: irreparable damage to Kosovo and democratic processes. What now, prime minister", said the official of the opposition party.