The voting process for Zeqir's dismissal took place in unheated containers

The voting process also took place in the Municipality of Zubin-Potoku without incident and with low interest of the citizens. In one voting center where there was heavy snowfall, there was a lack of basic conditions.

This voting center for about 400 residents with the right to vote in the villages of Crepulë and Ceceva in Zubin-Potok had no lighting or heating.

The generator was only working to keep the surveillance camera on for the voting process.

And in low temperatures, the commissioners of this center warmed up in a car.

In the Municipality of Zubin-Potoku, 14 polling stations were planned to be opened, but they were merged into five.

Only two of them were opened in public facilities, the other three were improvised through containers.

The second citizen who used the right to vote in the largest voting center in the municipal facility said that she is against the dismissal of the mayor Izmir Zeqiri.

"I am against the sacking of the mayor. Yes, it worked well. Everyone should use their vote", said a voter.

The mayor of this municipality has promised a series of projects if the final result of the referendum is in his favor.

"Since the beginning, I have been very focused that with the citizen it means to be open to the agenda for the interest of development, to say citizens, to have common ideas, so that the citizen can see that their requests will be implemented with those capacities and opportunities we have", said Izmir Zeqiri, president of Zubin-Potoku.

This process was not without incident. The presence of members of the police was in every voting center, as well as in the roads leading to them.

Even the chairman of the municipal election commission, Agim Kastrati, stated that the staff feels confident in the implementation of this process.

"However, I personally feel very safe. I have no problem with the issue of security, especially now that we are in the municipal facility where the police are also present. But I believe that even in other polling stations and other polling stations there is no eventual problem regarding the issue of security", stated Kastrati.

6 citizens had the right to vote in this municipality, but by 877:15 p.m. less than 20 citizens exercised their right.