Bad conditions in the polling stations of Leposaviq, where water was dripping and where they were heated with wood

Bad conditions have followed some of the voting centers in Leposaviq. In one of them, the polling station designated for Lulzim Hetemin, water was dripping and there was no electricity or heating. The Minister of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, has criticized the Serbian List that has called for a boycott of the voting process.

Water dripped from the ceiling of the voting center in Koshtovë on the day when the vote was taken to dismiss the mayor of Leposaviq.

This was  the voting center where the name of the mayor Lulzim Hetemi was on the list.

In the absence of conditions commissioners  they were heated by a wood fire and the generator  which was to keep the security camera on, which is the new standard with the entry into force of the new election law, did not work.

The municipal election commission said that it has forwarded its concerns to the CEC, but that they have not made a solution for everything they requested. 

"As you can see, both you and the commissioners are cold... They answered us about the electricity, they brought us a generator, but after an hour of work it turned off and is no longer turning on. We have informed the relevant bodies, we have not received a response yet", he said  said Albert Bekteshi, head of the Voting Center in Kushtovo.

In much more comfortable conditions, the commissioners were a few kilometers away in the village of Bistricë i Shala, the birthplace of Lulzim Hetem. But similarly, minority Albanian voters in this municipality did not vote.

Even in Dren, north of Leposaviq, a village inhabited by Serbs, where the facility of the former company "Univerzal" was used as a voting center, there were similar complaints.

 "Electricity, no, there is none, the building belongs to the municipality and is unused  so they have adapted it for elections, while the cameras are, we have the camera with a generator and it is functional, but the number of voters since we don't have any voters, we are interrupting it ourselves because it is not worth leaving it all day", said Afrim Krasniqi, head of the Voting Center in Dren. 

In the polling station in his village, Soçanicë, the deputy minister for communities and returns, Radoica Radomirović, voted.

Before going to vote, he stopped to talk with the Minister of Local Government Administration, Elbert Krasniqi, who criticized the Serbian List.

"Lista Serbe wants to have a monopoly on the politics of Serbs in Kosovo. They see the institutions only for themselves and not for the citizens. They continue to have seats reserved for the Serbian community in the Assembly and do not represent the interests of the citizens, but rather receive the salaries of the Assembly", said Krasniqi. 

About half of the votes at the level of Leposaviq, which had eight polling stations, were placed in the boxes of the main facility of the municipality of this municipality by members of the Serbian community.

There, some polling stations were opened with a delay of about 20 minutes, and the officials of the municipal electoral commission explained the delays with the wide territorial extent of this municipality.