Domestic violence

Haxhiu: The Criminal Code will be revised

Albulena Haxhiu

The Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, has requested greater commitment of institutions in the prevention of violence against women. 

At the Government meeting, Haxhiu said that the ministry will commit to additional measures. 

"When there are no proper institutional actions, the perpetrators turn into murderers. Although we have taken measures, it seems that we must continue with commitment. To win this battle and have justice for each case we need serious work. If all institutions are not determined to fight these phenomena, we know the answer, we risk continuing to count the victims", she said. 

Haxhiu has emphasized that the Criminal Code and the provisions related to the possession of weapons without a permit will be reviewed. 

"We will once again review the Criminal Code for all cases of domestic violence. We are working on the change in relation to the possession of weapons without a permit, since due to the low punishment we have to review these provisions so that the prosecutors do not neglect these cases".