Police: We always took actions within our competence regarding cases of domestic violence


PHOTO: Illustration

The Kosovo Police has said that there is a decrease in cases of domestic violence in the last year. The police said that in the last year 2460 cases of domestic violence were registered, or 10.77 percent less than the previous year. 

But, he said that the cases at the beginning of the year have started to remain worrying. 

Within five days, two women were killed in Kosovo, while the suspects are their husbands.
The police for the murder in Ferizaj on April 12 and that of today in Peja, have said that they have undertaken all concrete actions. 

"Every time when domestic violence is talked about and reported, of course many challenges are brought to mind, which many families face today, not only in Kosovo, but everywhere in the world, as domestic violence destroys people's lives, as there are two the last cases of serious murder in Ferizaj on 12.04.2024 and the case that happened today 16.04.2024 in Peja. In both cases, the Kosovo Police took concrete actions by arresting the suspected persons and sent them to the competent justice bodies. Legal actions that fall under the competence of the Kosovo Police have always been undertaken, including cooperation and coordination with relevant institutions such as social work centers, victims' defenders and justice bodies. In all cases, the suspects were arrested and the cases were handled according to the instructions of the justice bodies, just as it happened with the arrest of two suspects who are suspected of having committed the murders in Ferizaj and Peja", the Police announced.