The Special Prosecutor's Office targets three new cases

Special Prosecution

The Special Prosecutor's Office has targeted three new cases with 30 people involved in various criminal offenses.

As announced by the Special Prosecutor's Office, in the first case seven people were involved, four of whom are in custody and three under house arrest for the crime of "access to computer systems", "fraud", "money laundering" and "possession, control or unauthorized possession of weapons". In this case, 257 thousand euros, seven cars, nine telephones, computers and computer equipment, a long gun and a pistol were confiscated.

In the second case, 19 people are involved, three of whom are in custody for "unauthorized import, export, supply, transportation, production, exchange, brokerage or sale of weapons or explosives" and "possession, control or unauthorized possession of weapons", from article 366, paragraph 1 of the KPRK. In this case, 35 weapons, four cars, 650 euros, two phones and cartridges of different calibers were confiscated.

While in the third case, four people are involved for "abuse of official position or authority" and "providing assistance" for this crime. 

The targeting of high-profile corruption cases and organized crime by Kosovar institutions was done as part of the effort to present concrete results in the area of ​​the rule of law. The targeted cases had to be related to the misuse of large sums of money by public officials, and after the end of the case the illegally acquired property had to be confiscated. Targeting the cases meant that those cases would have greater oversight by local and international officials, while their investigation and prosecution should be a priority.