Kurti lists the works done in the north during the three-year government

Prime Minister Albin Kurti

Prime Minister Albin Kurti

Photo: Driton Pacharada

Prime Minister Albin Kurti has listed some of the "achievements" of his three-year government in the north of Kosovo.

Among the points mentioned is, as he said, the solution to the problem of electricity payment, which has created inequality between the citizens of Kosovo.

"We have solved one of the biggest problems, that of paying for electricity, which, in addition to being a huge burden on public money, also created inequality between the citizens of the Republic. Meanwhile, with the removal of illegal car license plates, and their replacement with official RKS license plates, public safety is better," Kurti wrote on Facebook. 

He further said that the Municipal Cadastral Offices have been functionalized in the four municipalities in the north so that the citizens there will no longer have problems with their properties.

"So that businesses can register and benefit from the support measures, we have opened the offices of the Kosovo Business Registration Agency. Within a few months, over 50 businesses have been registered. For the residents of the municipalities of Leposaviq, Zubin Potok, Zveçan and North Mitrovica, we opened a special employment measure for 2,000 job seekers, with which we subsidize up to 70% of the gross salary for six months for each new worker, according to certain criteria ", he further said. 

Another "achievement" listed by Kurti is the construction of roads that have been missing in areas and villages in the north, which connect the villages to each other.

"We are building roads that have been missing in the areas and villages in the north of the Republic, with which we connected the villages with each other as well as with the municipalities in the south, such as the one that connects Skenderaj with Lake Ujman and Zubin Potok. We have also invested in pumping stations in order to address the issue of water supply for villages in the municipality of Zveçan and Leposaviq", he wrote. 

Kurti further said that the civil registration infrastructure and follow-up services have been extended in North Mitrovica, Zveçan and Leposaviq. 

"As for the old and in some cases non-existent infrastructure for telecommunication services, we are adding and modernizing it. This month, Telekom added 15 new Base Transmission Stations (BTS) that support 4+ and 5G technology," he said.